PAS 9980 and EWS1 Solution

Capital offers a unique and unrivalled service in the production of PAS 9980 Assessments and EWS1 forms for our clients.

We achieve this by having a dedicated team of Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Fire Engineers and our own internal Building Works and Investigation team, managed by Capital as a single point of responsibility.

In addition to employing the relevant professionals, Capital is currently one of the few Chartered Surveying practices in the UK with the appropriate level of Professional Indemnity Insurance to enable us to undertake PAS 9980 Assessments and the sign off EWS1 forms.

Capitals team of professionals have gained significant experience in the process since the introduction of PAS 9980 Assessments and the EWS1 form. We have refined their methodologies to ensure that the process not only streamlined for the client, but where necessary also offers value for money in the accompanying reports.

We can also support your Building Safety Fund application and delivery.

PAS9980 Fire Risk Assessment for External Walls & EWS1 Solutions

PAS9980 Fire Risk Assessment for External Walls & EWS1 Solutions

Fire Risk Assessment for External Walls (FRAEW) is a specific type of fire risk assessment that focuses on the external walls of residential buildings with more than two dwellings. The assessment is conducted to identify potential risks and hazards associated with fire, and to make recommendations for mitigating or eliminating these risks. The purpose of FRAEW is to ensure that external walls have been assessed by competent professionals who can risk-assess the external walls as stand-alone component in relation to the overall fire risk of the building

An EWS1 form can be provided as a bi-product of the FRAEW process.


Under the Fire Regulations 2022, the FRAEW is now adopted as an amendment to the Fire Safety Order 2005, meaning that for every residential building that requires a Fire Risk Assessment, a corresponding FRAEW is also required in order to inform the FRA.  PAS 9980:2022 is a code of practice which sets out a method for competent professionals to conduct Fire Risk Appraisals of External Wall construction (FRAEW) for existing multi-storey, multi-occupied residential buildings.

Some buildings which are low risk can meet the requirement with a statement from a qualified and competent professional following the guidance of PAS9980, which states that a full basic FRAEW is not required.

Therefore, FRAEW are required to all residential buildings with 2 or more dwellings of any height, although it is recognised that fire safety risk diminishes with height.


Building owners and responsible persons (RP’s) should ensure that anyone they use to make a statement or assessment that a full basic level FRAEW is not required, has the appropriate level of insurance cover or, is covered by the building owner’s insurance at an appropriate level.

Where a full FRAEW is required, only competent professionals with recognised qualifications, experience and adequate levels of insurance should be engaged.

PAS 9980 Assessment & EWS1 Form Process Map

Initial Desktop Review
Check Building Heights
Review O&M Manuals
Review Existing Reports / Information
Review Fire Strategy
Scoping of Builders Works
Visit site to identify Opening Up Locations, Access, Access Requirements, Pavement Licenses and Logistics of Undertaking the Works
Builders Works Quotations
Draw up Builders Works Brief
Obtain Builder Works Quotations
Agree Costs with the Client
Agreed Builders RAMs & Start Date
Site Operations
Coordinate Builders Works Operatives on Site
Supervise Opening Up & Reinstatement
Site Attendance to Record Findings
*Arrange Fire Engineer Attendance (*If required)
PAS 9980 Assessment / EWS1 Form
Produce Site Investigation Report
Produce PAS 9980 Assessment Report
Complete the EWS1 Form
In developing our own minor building works division, we can provide an efficient and cost-effective solution in undertaking building works to support opening up and investigations and any necessary PAS 9980 Assessments. Our offering includes Chartered Fire Engineering input where appropriate and we work closely and in partnership with a number of specialist professionals so that we can manage all stages of the process.


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