Wednesday February 15 2023

Capital appointed on the Homes England MRS Fire Risk Assessor Panel

We are delighted to confirm that Capital are now on the Homes England MRS (Medium Rise Scheme) Fire Risk Assessor Panel.  
What is the Medium-Rise Scheme (MRS)?
The Medium-Rise Scheme (MRS) is a new scheme for 11 to 18m blocks that will ensure that, where a responsible developer cannot be identified, access to funding is now available to pay for external wall system repairs and mitigations.
The scheme will be funded by the Building Safety Levy. The levy will be charged on new residential developments and raise an additional estimated £3 billion to cover the costs of remediating buildings over 11m tall.
What will the Medium-Rise Scheme (MRS) cover?
Works on eligible medium-rise residential buildings where a responsible developer has not been identified, and where a Fire Risk Appraisal of External Wall construction (FRAEW) following PAS 9980 methodology has recommended action to address life safety fire risks associated with external wall systems.
Applications to the MRS will require a Fire Risk Assessment External Wall (FRAEW), conducted to the PAS 9980 standard, by a suitably competent professional.
When will the scheme open in full and who can apply?
Applicants eligible for the pilot have been proactively targeted by Homes England.
The scheme will open to other eligible medium-rise buildings from 2023. Further details on eligibility and the application process will be announced as soon as possible.
After the pilot, applications will be welcomed from the ‘Responsible Entity’ of other eligible 11-18m buildings. The Responsible Entity is the organisation that has the legal obligation or right to carry out the remediation works. The Responsible Entity may be the building’s freeholder or head leaseholder, registered provider of social housing, a management company or Right to Manage (RTM) company that has primary responsibility for the repair of the property.
If you are a leaseholder in a property that you think could be eligible, we encourage you to get in touch with your Responsible Entity.
To read more about government guidance on the Medium Rise Scheme please see here:
How Capital can help
Capitals team of professionals have gained significant experience in the process since the introduction of PAS 9980 Assessments and the EWS1 form. We have refined our methodologies to ensure that the process is not only streamlined for the client, but where necessary, also offers value for money in the accompanying reports.  We can help with all aspects of remediation from FRAEWs through to the coordination and delivery of cladding remediation contracts.
For more information on our services, assistance, or advice on these latest developments or any related fire safety or regulatory matter please contact Sean Kelly or Patrick Madigan

Key Contacts

Sean Kelly
BSc (Hons) MCIOB MIFireE Assoc.RICS

Patrick Madigan
BSc (Hons) MRICS

Managing Director