Monday March 29 2021

Capital staff now enrolled on RICS Fire Safety Training Programme

The Training course developed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is funded by the government, to help surveyors ‘progress their knowledge’ in fire safety and help solve the external wall fire review (EWS1) process issue.

The course aims to ensure professionals can ‘identify and interpret effective information required for inspections from stakeholders’, as well as undertake inspection processes in addition to ‘intrusive’ inspections. They will also be able to ‘assess an external wall system’ including materials, construction and fire safety performance; understand fire risks presented by these; and define the scope of work ‘effectively through contracts and terms of engagement when taking instructions’.

Finally, it will help them ‘identify the legal framework and key standards affecting fire safety’ as well as legal liability’, and to ‘prepare a comprehensive report with recommendations’.

Following completion of programme material and activities, our staff will be assessed through a knowledge-based test and written assessment to verify they meet the requirements to carry out EWS assessments and fill out EWS1 forms.