Blocks in Barnet – Fire Compliance Works

  • Client: Barnet Homes
  • Services: Architectural, Quality Assurance and Report Writing
Realising that a number of their residential blocks would not meet current standards and building regulations with regards to fire integrity, Barnet Homes assembled a team of architects, M&E consultants and Fire Engineers to survey their properties and make comprehensive recommendations for rectification works and achieve compliance.
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Jan 2017
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Capital was the driving force in this team. For each block, they identified key typical flats to survey in detail and produce floor plans for each block. Subsequent investigation with the Fire Engineers identified possible areas of non-compliance and recommendations were made for each block specifically. Early in the investigations, it was realised that the blocks shared many of the faults that could potentially pose a danger to life in case of fire.

Prime example were the flat entrance doors which although thought to be compliant were shown to be inadequate and did not meet today’s standards. Often, redundant ventilation ducts were left in situ after decommissioning and so posed a risk of allowing fire to spread from floor to floor.


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The recommendations were converted to comprehensive specifications for corrective works which were tendered and together with the successful contractors are now delivering a programme to replace fire doors in corridors, flat entrances, fire stopping and compartmentation to walls and ceilings between flats and communal areas, fire proofing of service penetrations, upgrading of automatic smoke vent openings, upgrading or installing new fire alarm systems, installing sprinklers and improvements to the fire management system.  The advice also extended to commenting on external cladding and considered the options for replacing external ACM cladding panels to the blocks.

The work required a close working relationship with the various specialists and Barnet Homes to formulate the report information and to produce Tender documentation  that were coherent and demonstrated conformity.

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