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  • Client: London Borough of Camden
  • Services: Fire Compliance Assessment, Employers Agent, Quality Assurance and Report Writing
Capital were commissioned by the London Borough of Camden to manage the compliance process and documentation for the fire upgrade works to 5.No high blocks of flats in Swiss Cottage, North London.
Contract Value:
June 2017 to January 2013
Measured Term Contract
Capital acted as Employers Agent to liaise with the Client Representatives, Fire Engineers, Building Control, Contractors and the LFB to produce a comprehensive compliance report on completion of the works.

The works included replacement of fire doors, fire stopping and compartmentation to walls and ceilings between flats and communal areas, fire proofing of service penetrations, upgrading of automatic smoke vent openings, upgrading of fire alarm systems and improvements to the fire management system.  The project team also considered the options for replacing the external ACM cladding panels to the blocks.

The scheme came about following a London Fire Brigade inspection where Enforcement Notices were issued to each block outlining the necessary fire upgrade works that were required to make the blocks fire compliant. The scheme progress at a very fast pace as the client was working to the LFB deadline for compliance. In addition, the client was paying for temporary accommodation, for a number of residents that had been temporarily decanted, as well as the attendance of fire marshals, so costs were piling up whilst the blocks remained non-compliant.


  • 01
    Fire Compliance Assessment
  • 02
    Employers Agent
  • 03
    Quality Assurance
  • 04
    Report Writing

Capitals role was to attend the design team meetings and coordinated and formulate all of the compliance documentation into report formats that could be issued to the London Fire Brigade, the Clients Management Team, Councillors, Residents, etc.

The work required a close working relationship with the various specialists (i.e. fire engineers, building control, etc) to formulate the report information and to produce reports that were coherent and demonstrated conformity.

As a result of the work undertaken the client managed to achieve compliance with the Fire Brigade Enforcement Notice within the timescale set out in the notices.

The project was a high profile scheme for Camden Council as they had received Enforcement Notices from the LFB in respect of fire improvement works to their blocks. Capital worked with the management and delivery teams to a very tight programme to ensure compliance was achieved on time and to the LFB requirements.

Patrick Madigan Director

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