Nobel House – EWS1

  • Client: Y & Y Management Ltd
  • Services: CDM Coordination, Project Management, Builder Works / Investigations, Surveyor & Fire Engineer Input and EWS1 forms
Where multi-faceted buildings require investigation, it is key that the as-built information is scrutinised to ensure that investigations are carefully targeted – taking into considerations the nuances from desktop design to actual construction.
January to February 2021
Based in the heart of Redhill, Nobel House is a complex mix of facades including Falzinc, Trespa, HPL panelling systems, EWI and masonry.

In addition to reviewing each wall type in its own merit; Capital worked with our Fire and Façade Engineers to ensure investigations to complex junctions of the various wall types were taken into consideration and carefully investigated and reported.


  • 01
    CDM Coordination
  • 02
    Project Management
  • 03
    Builder Works / Investigations
  • 04
    Surveyor & Fire Engineer Input
  • 05
    EWS1 forms

Our capable office team ensured that all statutory permits were gained for crane, pavement, and accompanying requirements to ensure that the site investigations team could undertake investigations required safely within the main public realm.


The staged way in which Capital undertakes the EWS1 process ensures that due process captures all the relevant details of the building in advance of arriving on site – equipping the site teams with in-depth opening schedules to smooth the delivery process.

David Clarke Associate Director for Capital

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